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They will be full of courage, will power and self confidence. They will have any type of illness cured very fast.


This name number is a prosperous number. Great positions will reach them. Similarly all those names that sums up to number 51, 60, 69, 78, 87, 96, , have different characteristics. You have the spiritual blessings this year, so go ahead and take the risk no blind risks please and surrender you're conscious to the universal energies around you.

This is the time that you had been craving for all these years. From second half onwards it will be a good time for family life. Agreements, contracts, and joining your efforts with others will work out very much to your advantage now. Family comforts may give immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Be careful while driving. Business will shape well and you will be able to progress as per your plans. You are practical and you know what is good and what is bad. You should avoid wasting your energy as you know how to use the available resources skillfully.

Sale of old property will bring profits. Government officials and Politicians may face investigation. People engaged in insurance, non-profitable organizations, FMCG, banking, Entertainment, Media, and Electronics will prosper well during this year. Your hard work and dedication will be admired in this year at your job place. Your communication skills will be loved by all.

Married couples should pay more attention to the needs of their married life. Do not expect things to be resolved simply because you want them to be. This year, you will share a good bond with your partner. There is a possibility of visiting holy shrines and seeking the blessings of spiritual persons. Take the time to give love and you will get it back in return.

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Most of this year will be spent in cherishing golden moments together. Social life will be sluggish. You may be comfortable at home rather than moving. But your own private life will be a tragedy in that respect. You have the quality of making friends easily wherever you go and forming acquaintances with strangers.

You may adore the inferior and those who take orders and at the same time you will attract persons of high rank, position and even wealth. You may do well and with this effort you will able to make your name for your-self in any career that may bring you before the public. On the other hand you will be attracted by the public. Some of the most wonderful example of love and self sacrifice will appear in the lives of persons who are born on the above mentioned days.

In all the cases the desire for love has been a dominant chord in your life.

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You are a person who likes to trust the people blindly. You also have extreme devotion to those people who love you heartily. You are inclined to give everything you possess to those people who has care for you, weather they prove to be worthless or otherwise.

You have the quality to appreciate the other for their noble devotion. In any case you seldom get the satisfaction in love that you want.

It clearly stated that you either marry beneath your social status or someone mentally inferior to you. You like to show yourself as a hero. You love to follow an idealistic dream or some stars that leads you onwards through the nights of hardship and disappointments.

Your natural tendency is that you have an exceptionally will power.

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You love to make luxury and extravagant and in consequence to run into debt. You will help the underdog people from your natural generosity. At times you will risk the feeling in your own heart that to you all things are possible. You will able to make a large number of friends through-out their lives.

The persons, who are born on the month of November and the later part of December will be very supportive and friendly for you. But the persons, who are born on the months of April and the first part of June, will not be friendly for you.


So you are advised to be selective while you will select your friend. You will achieve few good friends at you r school life. But the friends will no t be with you at the later part of your life. You will not get the support colleague at your working fields. But you boss will be more or less favourable to you.

You are most likely to be afflicted with pneumonia, afflictions of the bronchial tubes and lungs and overwrought nervous tension. You will suffer from cold and cough through-out your life. So you are advised to not to get cold and try to stay at the hot country. It will give you a healthy life. There is a tendency that you may suffer from the nervous breakdown because of the excessive mental pressure.


You may fall often ill because you will take extra work pressure. You need to take the sound sleep to recover yourself from all kinds if mental agony and mental anxieties. You will incline to run risks of exposure to changing climatic condition and bring danger to yourself by not thinking enough about your own health.

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If you want to make your fate more vibrant, you may use the dresses of all shades of blue from the lightest to the darkest. The favourable colour for the doctors and lawyers are mauve, purple and white. If the business man wants to bring their luck for them, they may use the dresses with the colour green, blue and even crimson.