About Us

Al Rajhi Manufacturing and Stop Trade Company is one of the first leading manufacturers and marketing of building materials in Saudi Arabia. Since its founding more than sixty years ago, the company has established more than seventy branches throughout the Kingdom, employing more than 900 employees, and has placed the company ranked 24th among the top 100 Saudi companies according to the 1994 survey.

During this time, the company was able to occupy a unique location in local and Gulf marketing of building materials to become the largest distributor of building materials in the region.

Based on the trust of our customers, we have consistently worked on our product range and services to ensure quality delivery. This means working closely with local producers and collaborating with our offices and agents abroad to ensure the import of the best building materials. In this way, al-Rajhi Waqf’s name has become synonymous with quality, trust and full compliance with the customer’s needs.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed and continue to contribute to the growth of our large project. Special thanks to our dear customers who have given us their invaluable trust and who continue to comment on all the company’s products and services. We pledge to build and maintain this trust to follow development under our good government and in accordance with our ambitious vision.

Executive Director

Ibrahim Mohamed AlBaradi