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Al-Rajhi Industry and Trade Endowment Company

Al-Rajhi Company for Industry and Trade Endowment, specialized in the manufacture and trade of building materials in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for more than 60 years, to become one of the largest distributors of building materials in the Kingdom, And that is through the establishment of more than seventy branches throughout the Kingdom to cover all regions of the Kingdom with its services.

The company has taken - by the grace of God Almighty - and then with the efforts of those in charge of it and its work team and the dedication of its distinguished personnel, great strides towards development and excellence during the past years. The time has come for a new start in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which takes into account the major transformations in the Kingdom and anticipates the aspirations of the Endowment Oversight Board and the aspirations of its children to develop this charitable endowment. Where the new phase is characterized by preserving the past gains that have been achieved and launching to new, broader horizons by ensuring sustainable growth and strengthening the company's role by providing its products with high competitive quality.


That our services cover all the requirements of our customers with the highest level of quality and in accordance with international indicators.


Developing the work environment and relying on planning and development to reflect our values in order to achieve the highest return on investment

Our Values

We derive our strength from the values ​​and principles that we work to consolidate and believe in in order to reach our goal and objectives of serving the community.


We always work to enhance the value of excellence in the performance and implementation of our tasks to achieve the best level of quality in accordance with international standards.


We are proud of what we have achieved during our journey over more than 60 years of planning, development and diversification in our business, which makes us the perfect choice in the field of manufacturing and trading building materials.

Perfection and Benevolence

We rely on the development of our capabilities and capabilities continuously to provide full support to our customers according to their requirements and manufacturing solutions designed specifically for them.


We believe that we have to assume our responsibilities in all our actions, in order to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Company Departments

Department of wholesale and retail trade in building materials

We seek to raise the level of services provided to our customers to raise the level of competitiveness of their business Where we provide all building materials that serve their needs for commercial and industrial establishments such as reinforcing steel, commercial iron, wood and various building materials.

Manufacturing department

Our factories are specialized in forming and cutting iron, equipped with the best and latest equipment to meet the needs of the local market. We are also constantly building new factories and production lines to increase the company's production capacity.

Department of real estate and facilities management

With the help of our distinguished cadres of engineers and technicians, we provide real estate and facilities management services to our customers, as well as to our own facilities and real estate, which exceed 300 units, and include maintenance, management, collection and development services.

Department of transportation services

In our transportation services division, we provide our customers with a range of local transportation services at a competitive cost, which contributes to achieving a competitive level of product cost reduction.